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Book cover reveal for Giselle Mills's novel Through It All

Announcement: Book Release Coming Soon!

Guess what, everyone?


Book news!

Book Release coming soon! Giselle Mills' novel "Through It All" will be released in September!

I am pleased to announce that I will be publishing my debut novel “Through It All” in a few months in September of this year. Although I self-published the eBook version last year, it was used exclusively by the University of the West Indies for the Caribbean Civilisation course. I will now be releasing both the paperback and eBook editions of my novel “Through It All” to the public.


I am so very excited!


In an earlier blog post (which you can read here), I spoke about how long it took me to finally get my book published. Over ten years! I was a teenager when I wrote “Through It All”, the same age as the main character, Andreide. Being rather naïve and ignorant of the true nature of the publishing industry, I thought it would be easy to get my novel published. Boy was I wrong! Soooo wrong. Dead wrong. Completely wrong. Writing the novel was easy and quite fun. But publishing? Ha!


Up to that point in my life, trying to get published was the hardest thing I had ever undertaken. My query emails were rejected by agent after agent. Many of them did not even bother to reply. I even tried to contact a few publishers directly. I had better chance talking to a brick wall. Never had I faced such rejection.


Suffice it to say I have learned a lot over the last decade. Experience is truly the best teacher.

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Now, I have taken the route of self-publishing. It took me a while to finally decide to journey down this avenue. I was more comfortable with traditional publishing because that was all I knew back then. Self-publishing seemed scary and lonely; I didn’t know where or how to begin. But the industry has changed a good bit over the last few years. It’s now easier more than ever to be your own publisher. I am quite glad for the change. But more on self-publishing in another blog post.


To the UWI students who read my book and loved it, and sent me lovely messages: thank you so much! I hope everyone else who reads “Through It All” later this year will enjoy it as well.


I cannot wait to share with you more of my journey into publishing. It will be tough but I know it will be rewarding! Nothing worth having comes easily.


Thanks for reading and I hope you join me on this journey!



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