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End of Year Plans

End of year plans, inspiration for life

October has ended and it’s now the start of November. Only two months left of the year. I can still remember it being August. Now the year is almost over. Time truly waits for no one.


The start of this month made me realise that I need to be more conscious of how I spend my free time. I am good at time management with work-related matters but when it comes to my own personal affairs, I tend to lag behind. But I have to change this. I cannot keep procrastinating because it is getting me nowhere. I need to give more priority to my own matters. I need to use a different approach because I have to get them done. I cannot let the year end and I still have not completed them. Or at least the majority of my tasks.




To help me achieve my goals for November and December, I created a list of the things that I would like to need to accomplish. They are as follows:


·        Blog more – at least twice or three times per week


·        Finish writing a novel that I’ve been working on – I started it since 2012 but haven’t done any substantial additions to it for the past three years


·        Write a short story and publish it online


·        Finish reading some novels


·        Decorate my apartment


·        Do some art work


·        Plan for the new year


The key to all of this of course, is time management and discipline. I am usually quite a disciplined person so I know that achieving the goals on my list is possible. I will get it done.


Although I wrote this post as a reminder to myself of the things that I need to do, I hope it can be useful for you too. Perhaps you also have a list of things to do before the year ends. Or maybe you haven’t drawn up a list as yet. Don’t lose hope. You can still get it done. We cannot recover lost time but we can certainly make good use of the time that we have left.


One step at a time…


So what did you think of the post? I would love to know!

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