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February in Review

February in review, goals for March, positivity, Giselle Mills

I find it hard to believe that February is over already. It felt like it just began. Since it is the shortest month of the year, naturally, it would go by the fastest. But I never experienced a swifter February than this one.


Now that it is over, I thought it useful to review what I accomplished for the month. I have not done a ‘month in review’ since the last one in November; between then and now, things were just too hectic and horrible to chronicle. But now that the dust of the chaos is settling, I intend to resume my monthly reviews from here on.


So here are my highlights for February:


On My Blog:


  • On the 2nd February, I­ launched my advice column, “Ask Giselle”. My aim with this column is to provide advice on a range of topics within my knowledge to anyone in need of motivation. Such topics include relationships, school, work, and general life advice. You can read more about it here.
  • On the 5th February, I published the first post in my advice column entitled, “How to focus on your studies while facing family problems at home”. I provided 14 useful ways to address this issue in my response. You can read it here if you like.
  • Next, I posted “How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions” on the 10th In that post I provided 10 ways to help you do so. I also published this content in video format on my YouTube channel. You can find the post here and the video here.
  • In honour of the latest and most drastic change I made to my appearance, I posted “Something New!” on the 17th You can read more about it here.
  • On the 18th February, I announced my plans to launch my new online magazine. In my blog post, I discussed my main aims for my magazine and the main goal of female empowerment. You can read the post here.
  • My next post was “What to Give Up for Lent” which I published on the 22nd As the title suggests, it was about Lent and I provided a brief history, my views on the Lenten sacrifice and a free downloadable checklist of ways in which you can observe Lent. Read more about it and get the checklist here.
  • On the 25th February, I officially launched my online magazine “Patrice Magazine” with the article “Interview with Janelle Mills”. In the article, my guest/interviewee answered questions concerning Caribbean identity, female empowerment and surrounding issues. If you haven’t read it already, read the article here.


On a Personal Note:


  • I started reading a new novel. I hadn’t read a novel in much too long so I decided that it was time to return to my first love – fiction.
  • With the passage of time, meditation and a new attitude, I have started to feel more positive and happier.
  • Whatever it brings, I’m better prepared to face the rest of the year.

February in review, goals for March, Giselle Mills

My Plans for March


In a nutshell, I plan to do the following this month:


  • Conduct interviews
  • Publish more magazine articles
  • Collate articles at the end of the month into a downloadable PDF magazine
  • Finish writing my non-fiction book (more on this in a later post)
  • Redesign the book cover for my novel “Through It All” in preparation for re-publishing
  • Read more (fiction and non-fiction)


In reflection, in comparison with January, February was a good month. With a positive attitude, I know March will be even better.


How about you? Do you review your progress at the end of each month? Have any plans for March? Feel free to let me know.


Here’s to positivity!



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