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Happy New Year!

It’s 2018. Happy New Year everyone!


2017 was by far the worst year of my life and I am not exaggerating. My brother’s murder and the ensuing grief and pain eclipsed almost everything marginally positive. My first book was published which gave me some joy. But then certain career and life changes placed a further damper on my spirits. Needless to say I was greatly looking forward to the end of the year.


It’s time for a new beginning.


This year will be better than last year; I can feel it. It has to be.


I will accomplish my goals and exceed my expectations. Sure there may be bumps in the road but whatever they may be, I will overcome them. After what I endured in 2017, I can conquer anything. And my new motto and mindset for this year is all about positivity.


I will make this year a successful one and I am speaking it into being. I hope you will do the same.


Here’s to the start of a happy, healthy and successful year!


Thanks for reading!

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