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How to Get Respect – Part 1

How to get respect, inspiration, motivation, everyday advice

Hi everyone. This video/blog post is about how to get respect. I think everyone wants respect; it’s a given fact. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want respect. I know some persons find it quite easy to get respect while for some persons it’s quite difficult. A major way you can get respect is by actually giving respect. I’m going to get back to that point in a moment.


First, how about the obvious way?


Your Appearance

Now, what is our most powerful sense? It’s the sense of sight, right? Most times our first impression of a person is the lasting impression. So, to get respect, we should be concerned with how we look on the outside. Now, that may sound shallow but, in reality, our appearance counts for a whole lot in terms of getting respect. So think about it – how much respect do you think a person would get who dresses very shabbily, who doesn’t care about his hygiene, who doesn’t comb his hair, who doesn’t brush his teeth, and compare that person with someone who dresses in a nice fancy suit, who smells nice, and looks nice. That person who looks better, obviously, gets more respect than the person who looks like a bum.


Your appearance counts for a lot. So if you want to be respected, look the part. Look like someone who you would want to respect.


Now, about appearance. You don’t have to be the most stylish person to get respect. You don’t have to own a cupboard filled with the best suits and the best dresses, the most fancy shirts and the most fancy ties. No. You just have to look neat and be properly attired for the situation in which you find yourself. For example, if you work as a banker, you may have to wear a uniform – and this goes for anybody who has to wear a uniform – just make sure your uniform looks nice, it’s pressed, it doesn’t have stains, it fits you properly. You’re not wearing something too baggy that looks like you’re not really sure what size you are or that shows you don’t really care that much about your appearance.


Your Hygiene

Now, hygiene may be a little tricky for some persons but it’s very obvious that persons who don’t smell nice tend not to be as respected as those who do smell nice. For example, do you like the smell of a vagrant? I think everybody would say, “No”. As opposed to someone who’s clean, you just came out of the shower, you put on perfume, your lotion. You smell appealing. Because the point of all of this is to appeal to our senses and you want to appeal in a positive way.


So put on your nice, clean clothes. Put on a nice smelling perfume or cologne. Make sure your teeth are nice and brushed and clean. They don’t have to be the whitest but there are ways to get your teeth whitened – try that as well. Make sure your breath smells nice. If you have issues with your breath, even though after you brush your teeth you’re still not sure what’s wrong, maybe you need to brush your tongue a lot more. Try mouthwash – Listerine. Or, if worst comes to the worst, go to the dentist. I know people are self-conscious, when they are aware that they smell. So do something about it. You don’t want to be around somebody who smells all the time, right? It will affect the way you view that person. So just try your best to smell nice and clean.



On the topic of appearance, let’s get to makeup (for persons who wear makeup, that is). Is your makeup done neatly? Does it match your outfit? Does it match the venue that you’re in? For example, if you’re wearing a whole set of makeup, is it appropriate for wherever you are? Wearing a set of clown makeup may not be appropriate for work or church or school. But it may just be appropriate if you go to a concert or the circus.



I can’t really say, “Don’t have tattoos in order to get respect” because, I think it’s more of where you have the tattoo and if it’s visible because this is particularly tricky in regard to work. If you’re working in an office there may be policies regarding tattoos and their visibility. So I’m not saying, “Don’t go and get tattoos”. Just be mindful of the effect that visible, very large tattoos may have, if you want to be respected.



Appealing to the sense of sound. How to get respect in that manner? Well, you don’t have to have the best vocabulary but you can control what you say in order to be respected. For instance, persons who swear a lot, they use a lot of foul language, they tend to not be as respected as those who don’t use such language. So if you want persons to treat you with respect, with dignity, and you know you’re a person who swears a lot, try and be mindful of that and cut back on the amount of curse words that you use. Similarly, if you’re a verbally abusive person, try to stop that and use words that enlighten and empower. Not only yourself, but others as well.


Body Language

In order to get respect through your body language, I would suggest that you walk in a manner in which it exudes confidence. And carry yourself in a similar manner, you know? Keep your shoulders up, don’t slouch. Don’t walk around like, “Oh poor me. The world hates me.” You may think that way but if you continually think that way you will act that way. People will see you walking about looking all depressed and sad and you won’t get that much positive attention. People won’t respect you, or look at you as someone who is worthy of praise if you carry yourself in a very sad and depressed way. People want to be around others who uplift them and make them feel better about themselves. So you need to be that person. Carry yourself in that way even though you may not feel like it at that time.

End of Part 1

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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