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How to Get Respect – Part 2

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Achievements and Respect


It’s a given fact that persons who achieve a lot professionally get respect. You may not be in a situation where you can do that; maybe you are now starting out and just left school. But think about it – whatever situation you are in right now, you can achieve a lot.


If you are in school, your great achievements would be passing all your exams, getting good grades, and how you treat your friends. Are you a helpful person? Do you respect your parents, your teachers, persons in authority? These little things, they all count to achievements and all help in getting you respect. Because persons who respect others get respect. You may not see it right away but other persons would be looking at you and they would acknowledge the fact that you are a respectful person and will treat you accordingly.


Your accomplishments are related to the place where you are in your life. So don’t compare your accomplishments as a student to someone’s accomplishments as a businessman, because you’re just not there yet.


Be a Respectful Person


Another way in which you can get respect is by being a respectful person. Now what does it mean to be a respectful person? It means that you listen to other people, their point of view when they speak, you don’t abuse them, you don’t tell them you think that they have the worst opinions ever. You tell them how you feel in a polite manner about their opinions and you treat others the way that you would like to be treated – with dignity. Be generous and have integrity. Be a person who is firm in your beliefs. Don’t sway. Don’t be like a seesaw, going up and down and up and down. Just make sure that your beliefs are steady, whatever you believe. People respect others who are firm in their beliefs.


People also respect those who stand up for what is right. Those who are courageous and brave and who do what’s right no matter what.


Dealing with Disrespectful People


Now you may be dealing with someone who may be blatantly disrespectful towards you. So what can you do to get respect from that person? I suggest that you tell them exactly who you are. That you are a person who deserves respect and that right now you are demanding that respect that you deserve. Now don’t say this is in a disrespectful way either, just be firm in how you speak and how you approach that person. For example, if you are working for someone and you find that person to be very disrespectful, I would suggest that you let them know how you feel but do so in a respectful and polite manner. Make sure that your tone of voice is not harsh. Speak in a measured tone. It would be best perhaps if you write down what you plan to say so that you feel more confident in delivering your opinion.


Another thing to note is that persons respect those who stand up not only for others but also for themselves. I made a blog post and video about how to stand up for yourself; you can find it here.


But yes, persons who stand up for themselves and for others get respect. Persons who are brave and confident, they have dignity and integrity, they stand firm in their beliefs, they are respected and respected by the persons who count.


Now, even if you tried your best to be polite and respectful to someone who is disrespecting you and you still see no change in their behaviour towards you, that person may just be an idiot – someone who has no respect for anyone, no regard for anyone, they are selfish and they don’t care. There is only so much that you can do. If that person still treats you with no respect, with no regard at all, I think it’s best to leave that situation. Whether it means you quit your job or consult higher management to see if they can fix the situation for you. Or if it’s someone who is in your social circle, cut them out of your circle. Don’t be around someone who disrespects you because their disrespect of you will eventually affect the way you view yourself. And their disrespect may in fact make you a disrespectful person.


In life, negative behaviour tends to rub off more quickly than positive behaviour for whatever reason. This is why it is very important that more persons portray positive qualities and be respectful so that we can spread the positivity, the respect and love and dignity that we all deserve to have as humans.


Now you may not see the change right away but I can assure you that if you follow these steps, if you take at least a few of these pointers into consideration and actively do them, you will get more respect.


What do you do to get respect?


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