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International Women’s Day? Women’s Month? Or Should We Celebrate Women Every Day?

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th March. The purpose of this day is to commemorate the social, economic, cultural and political accomplishments of women around the world. It is a day that marks the progress made in the advancement of women’s rights and highlights the changes that are still yet to be made.

International Women's Day, How to celebrate women everyday, 10 ways to celebrate women

The month of March is also recognized in countries like the United States of America as Women’s History Month. It is great that a whole month is dedicated towards honouring the historical achievements of women. But recently I wondered – has this had any practical impact on your life?


This year for the first time, I truly paid attention to the significance of International Women’s Day. While there were many events organized and executed around the world to mark the occasion, I couldn’t help but wonder whether such events would effect long-term change. Is one day of concerts, book readings, fashion shows, exhibitions and the like enough to spread awareness of women’s issues and bring about the change we still drastically need? Is one week enough? One month? I think not.


Women should be celebrated every day. I am sure that I am not alone in my opinion. If we truly want to empower more women to fulfill their dreams and improve their standards of living globally, we have to recognize the achievements of women daily and treat women well consistently. Consistency is the key to improvement in all areas of life. If we want to effect change, we have to work on it regularly. Similarly, if we want to improve the lives of women everywhere, we have to do so daily. And you do not have to be a well-known feminist or activist to achieve this.


The change that we need begins with you. You can help to advance women’s rights and celebrate women by doing very simple and seemingly ordinary things. Here are ten easy ways to do so:

10 ways to celebrate women, celebrate women everyday, International Women's Day, Women's Month, Patrice Magazine

10 Ways to Celebrate Women


  1. Reflect on the significance of International Women’s Day and the progress made thus far – Do some reading on women’s rights in your country, read about influential women and their achievements locally and internationally. Improve your knowledge on the topic and increase your awareness. For more information on International Women’s Day, campaigns and resources, you can check out


  1. Do something creative to mark the day – You can write a poem dedicated to women or a particular woman in your life, write a story about female empowerment, draw, sketch, paint, write a song, sculpt or craft something special, etc. Put your talents to work to honour and celebrate the women in your life.

10 ways to celebrate women, celebrate women every day, Patrice Magazine, International Women's Day

  1. List the women who have made a positive influence in your life – When you identify these women, reflect on the ways in which they have changed your life and perhaps give one of them a call to say a simple ‘thank you’. Gratitude and respect go hand in hand.


  1. Call your female friends – These include your mother, sisters, aunts, and cousins. Call a friend who you have not spoken to in a while. Chat about life, ask them their views on female empowerment, arrange a social outing, and wish them success in their ventures and happiness in life.

International Women's Day, How to celebrate women everyday, 10 ways to celebrate women

  1. Love and appreciate yourself as a woman – Love yourself unconditionally. Appreciate your beauty both inside and out, celebrate your intelligence and strength. Love yourself for the woman that you are.


  1. Inspire other young women and girls – Inspire them by the way in which you live your life. Maintain your integrity and dignity, and be a woman/person who fights for your beliefs. Be an example for the next generation to follow. Be a positive role model for young women and girls in your community and everywhere.

International Women's Day, How to celebrate women everyday, 10 ways to celebrate women

  1. Teach young men and boys the significance of celebrating women’s achievements – Teach them the importance of female empowerment. Involve them in activities that uplift women. Most importantly, show them how to respect women from an early age.


  1. Be more involved in promoting female empowerment – You can participate in group activities, organize social events for women, encourage men to read and learn about the struggles faced by women around the world. You can also simply share articles like this one on social media to spread awareness of the significance of female empowerment.


  1. Support fellow women – This is very critical. We should all promote our fellow female entrepreneurs. Support them and be genuinely happy when they succeed. When we view each other as allies and not competition, we uplift and encourage each other to achieve great things. Teamwork makes the dream work after all! Let us lift each other up consistently and not pull one another down. Support, support, support!


  1. Do something to help an elderly woman – Let’s not forget the older generations and the contributions they made towards women’s rights. You can do something as simple as giving your grandmother a call, visiting her or other elderly female relatives. You can also visit homes for the elderly and have a nice chat with a few of the residents. If these aren’t viable options, you can always help an old lady cross the road, help her with groceries or just take a few minutes out of your day to have a pleasant conversation with the old lady sitting beside you on the bus.

International Women's Day, How to celebrate women everyday, 10 ways to celebrate women

If you do a few of these regularly or even all, then you will be well on your way to making this world a much better place! The celebration of women is not the rejection of men. When we celebrate women, we celebrate mankind. We aim to elevate women to the level of love and respect that we all deserve to have as humans.


Thank you in advance for your contribution to this important cause!

Patrice Magazine, Giselle Mills

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  1. J Sonia
    March 14, 2018 / 8:48 pm

    I like your suvgezt2ions on how we can celebrate women. Im happy you included the one about taking time out for aged women and not leaving them cast aside.

    • gisellemills
      March 14, 2018 / 9:07 pm

      Thank you! Yes, unfortunately many people ignore or forget the importance of the contributions made by the elderly generation. They deserve as much celebration 🙂

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