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Limerick Time

If I had to make the choice, I would certainly choose writing prose over poetry. Why? Well, I have never been quite comfortable with the latter as writing poetry does not come easily to me. In my younger days, I found it hard to appreciate a poem that did not rhyme. To me, rhyming made the words into poetry. It would take me so much time to decide on the rhyming words that I would lose patience with writing the poem itself. However, with prose the stories simply flowed. I was the fountain and my stories the water.


But now that I am older, I have decided to give the art form another chance. To improve at anything, one must practice.


I will begin by writing limericks. I have already written a few and I find the outcome to be quite amusing. They are simple and whimsical, and just what I need to lighten my spirits. Hopefully you may find them as silly and enjoyable as I do.


In honour of my newly adopted kitten, here is my first limerick for this blog:


Lamb Chop

is a young kitten named Lamb Chop

adopted her but not from a pet shop

is tiny and wild

playful as a child

a menace, but as sweet as a lollipop

Stay tuned for more….

Thanks for reading!


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