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My Dream World

If I could escape my current situation in life, I would definitely do it. I would go to a place that was free of exploitation, where I could do whatever I want whenever I want, and be financially secure enough so that I would not have to worry about meeting my expenses. Sounds like a dream world, right? Well it is.


In my dream world, I would be my own boss. I would be able to dictate my own hours and move to my own schedule. I would be able to switch careers as I please and pursue my dreams. In switching careers, I would open my own business, hire employees and delegate tasks like a boss. All of my employees would enjoy working for me in an exploitation-free workplace. I would pay them as they deserve to be paid and they would be motivated every day to work at their optimum potential. Naturally, success would follow me.


I would have all the money I would need to lead a comfortable and happy life. I would be a VIP wherever I go; all doors would open for me. I would be able to buy whatever I want for myself, my family and loved ones. I would go on as many vacations as I want and see the world. My family and I would want for nothing.


My dream world would be abundant with good, healthy, affordable food. Whatever I want to eat would be readily available. I would only cook when I want to and have the best chefs and respectful, mannerly servers at my disposal.


In my dream world, there would be no instances of abject poverty. However, those in need of financial assistance would receive the help that they need. I wouldn’t simply give handouts. They would be provided with the tools and skills necessary to improve their condition in life.


There would be no bad weather or global warming. There would be appropriate amounts of rainfall and an adequate degree of sunshine that wouldn’t scorch the skin off your back the instant you step outside.


There would be no political strife (definitely a dream world). No racism, no sexism, no ageism. No wars, no famine, no sickness, no crime (even more of a dream world).


There would be beautiful music and art everywhere. There would also be an education system that made learning enjoyable.


Everyone in my dream world would be family-oriented and lead a decent, moral life. Parents would properly discipline their children and children would obey their parents. There would be no space in my dream world for noisy, bad-behaved children. All children under the age of 10 would be banned from restaurants, most cinemas, and certain airplanes.


There would be peace.


My brother would still be alive as well as my aunt, and my grandfather. Or I would at least still have a means of communicating with them. Death would not bring sorrow. The meaning of life and death would be perfectly clear. Everyone would find and pursue their purpose in life. I would be happy. My family and friends would be happy. Everyone would be happy.


Unrealistic, I know. But that’s why it’s a dream world. My dream world.


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