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My Inspiration

There are many days when I lack motivation to do all that I need to get done. On such occasions I often have to remind myself of my purpose in order to boost my spirits to keep on trying. I can never give up.


I find inspiration from all of the following:


  • God
  • My mother
  • Family and friends
  • Supporters
  • The plight of the underprivileged
  • Myself



Without a doubt, God is my main inspiration. I am alive because of Him and I cannot succeed without Him. When I feel lost and frustrated, I say a prayer and ask God for guidance and motivation. I know that God has a plan for my life and this motivates me to work harder towards achieving it.


My Mother:

No one on Earth inspires and motivates me more than my mother. She is my #1 supporter and source of guidance. Whenever I need help she is never more than a phone call away. Her life, all that she experienced, and the amazing person that she became because of and in spite of it, inspires me. She inspires me to improve myself, to accomplish my goals and to make a positive impact on the world.


Family and friends:

The support that I receive from my family and friends also motivates me to keep plodding along my path.



My new supporters/fans provide me with further motivation. Their encouragement and positive feedback inspire me to keep writing and to make improvements where necessary. Knowing that I have already impacted someone’s life for the better gives me all the inspiration I need to persist in pursuing my goals.


The plight of the underprivileged:

I always have to remind myself that no matter how challenging my circumstances may be, there is always someone who is facing an even more difficult life somewhere in the world. This helps to put things in perspective for me and inspires me not to give up. I have to keep trying no matter the challenges because there are less privileged persons than myself whose lives I would like to improve in some way.



My desire to be the best version of myself that I can be inspires me. My desire to lead a life in keeping with God’s principles motivates me. And my desire to make my parents and loved ones proud of me fuels my determination and inspires me to achieve me dreams. I have to believe in myself in order to effect the change that I would like to see.


What and/or who inspires you?


So what did you think of the post? I would love to know!

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