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Patrice Magazine is Back!

After a few months in hiatus, I am pleased to announce that Patrice Magazine is back! Cue the fireworks!

Patrice Magazine is back!

In case you did not know, I am the owner and editor-in-chief of the new online magazine “Patrice Magazine”. I started it earlier this year here on my website with the main purpose of promoting female empowerment and Caribbean identity. That was my goal – to produce articles that would highlight the beauty, spirit and achievements of our Caribbean people as well as discuss issues related to female empowerment in the Caribbean. You can read more about it here.


The break was needed for many reasons. Mainly, I needed time to decide what exactly I wanted for the magazine, its purpose and direction. I also needed time off from its production in order to focus on publishing my two books, my novel “Through It All” and my guide book “How to Survive Law School: Year 1”. Now that I have released them to the public, I can now refocus on building Patrice Magazine into the publication that I would like it to become.



What are my goals for Patrice Magazine? Well, they are basically the same as when I first started it. I want to produce good quality content that enlightens, entertains, and inspires the reader to make a positive change in her/his community. I aim to cover issues that are topical as well as those that do not receive as much attention as they should – issues that not only mainly affect women but Caribbean life as a whole. I want to approach topics in ways that will make the reader think and reflect. The content should uplift and empower. I truly want the information in every article to be useful in some way.


Format and Release Date

As an online magazine, it will be available to be read here on my blog as well as in a downloadable format. I intend to release the first issue for free, which will be made available from the 27th October, 2018. Which gives me a couple weeks to get it ready. I would have preferred to release it on my birthday (29th October) so that I could celebrate both occasions at the same time. However, my birthday falls on a Monday this year and I would like to release the magazine on a weekend. Thus the 27th October. But I still intend to celebrate them both regardless!


I am very much looking forward to the launch of my first full issue. I will still publish articles here on my site but the majority of the content of the magazine will be in the actual e-magazine. The second issue will be available in December. Until my team of contributors expands, subsequent issues will be published every other month thereafter.


I am quite excited for what the future holds for Patrice Magazine and I can hardly wait for you to read it. Look out for an awesome article by one of the magazine’s contributors. Stay tuned for more!

Patrice Magazine at



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