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12 Ways to be Safe During Carnival

It’s Carnival season here in Trinidad and Tobago and for many people it’s the best time of the year. It’s the time of endless fetes, beautiful mas, music and rum. The time to show off…

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The Lighter Side of Life

If there is one good thing about my office space, is that it has a great vantage point. The tinted floor-to-ceiling glass window panes provide ample opportunity to survey the endless passersby. Businesspersons, lawyers, police,…

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Thanksgiving Reflections

The title of this post may confuse you and make you think that it’s late. But it’s not. I know that Thanksgiving was three days ago, but that was only the actual day. The true…

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My Inspiration

There are many days when I lack motivation to do all that I need to get done. On such occasions I often have to remind myself of my purpose in order to boost my spirits…

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My Dream World

If I could escape my current situation in life, I would definitely do it. I would go to a place that was free of exploitation, where I could do whatever I want whenever I want,…

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