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The Birth of Through It All

In a recent blog post (which you can read here), I announced that I would be publishing my novel “Through It All” in September of this year. In this blog post, I would like to share with you the reasons why I wrote my novel.


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Here is the backstory to how my novel "Through It All" came to be ... 'The Birth of Through It All'

To be quite frank, the main reason why I wrote this novel was because I was bored. I grew up in a very small country – St. Kitts – where there is not much to do. The population is barely 40,000 people. There were no shopping malls, and there still aren’t any. No theatres, nowhere really culturally entertaining – for me at least. Apart from going to the beach, Brimstone Hill Fortress (a national heritage site), and the occasional movie, there weren’t many social avenues for entertainment that I found interesting. I was not fond of sitting idly and just letting time go by. My mother had exposed my siblings and me to a lifestyle that was based on intellectual pursuits as well as cultural and social activity.


While most of the children in my class grew up watching television as their main source of entertainment, I grew up reading books and writing stories. Almost everywhere I went I carried a book with me. The urge to read and write was in my blood. I also grew up on a mountainous terrain and the lush green, hilly scenery provided the perfect backdrop for many of my stories and adventures.


The Origins of my Tale


When I was sixteen, I decided to write my first book, which turned out to be my novel “Through It All”. I remember that day well; I was sitting on the couch one afternoon after school, feeling rather bored. My siblings had also been annoying me. So I decided then and there that I would write a “tell-all” book all about their behaviour and my perceived injustices. But as soon as I started planning my book, it became a story rather than a memoir, and my characters began to blossom. The story took a different turn and it was no longer a “tell-all” but a fictional tale that I thoroughly enjoyed writing. A few characters were loosely based on persons I knew in real life, but for the most part, the story was fictional. And “Through It All” was born!


I was in fifth form when I started writing my novel “Through It All” and it took me a bit over a year to complete it. I can also vividly remember the last day I worked on it, the day I finally finished the story. It was such a great feeling of happiness mixed with relief and sadness, knowing that the story was at an end. But it was such a major feeling of accomplishment. It was the very first novel that I had finished writing and the longest task that I had ever undertaken at that point in time. I was excited that I had joined the ranks of writers and I was anxious to get my book published.


Little did I know how harrowing and difficult trying to get my book published would be. I had no idea what I was in for; how many rejections from agents and publishers I would face, the numbers of non-replies and the amount of frustration and self-doubt and anxiety that would accompany such an endeavor.


I never dreamed that it would have taken me over a decade to get my book published. But finally, here we are. Will you follow along with me on my journey?



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