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Until It Leaves You

Until it leaves you, appreciate what you have, inspiration
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You never miss a good thing until it leaves you. Usher said it and many others. And I’m saying it now because it is completely true.


I’m not talking about any person or relationships though. Not today. My good thing that left me was my water. Which is far more important to me than any relationship right now anyway. Water is a basic necessity without which man and womankind will die. Without which I will die. And I have now been without a pipe borne water supply for the past six days.


Six days may not seem that long but if you have ever been without running water for as long as I have or even longer, you will understand my plight. And this is far from the best time of the month to be without water. Not being able to flush the toilet frequently has been a nightmare for someone who likes cleanliness like me. I will spare you the details as I am sure you can imagine.


On the positive side, I have bottled drinking water at home and access to running water at a relative’s house, not too far away. Without this, I would certainly lose my cool at the inefficiency and utter disorganization of the water works system in this country.


Now, there must be some sort of lesson from all of this. Is it patience? Are the dry pipes teaching me patience? But hasn’t my patience and tolerance been tested enough for the year?


The only other thing I can think of is empathy. Empathy for those who face even tougher and more frequent water shortages, not only in my country but all over the world. There are millions of people who live without running water on a daily basis. The more unfortunate ones have no access at all to the life sustaining fluid and die from dehydration. I was aware of this before my pipes went dry of course, but it was not a prominent feature on my mind. Now it is.


My heart goes out to all the people in the world who face such daily struggles. There are so many households that lack basic indoor plumbing. In an age like today, when robots can gain citizenship (this is true if you have not heard – Google ‘Sophia the robot’), the inaccessibility of families to water supplies should be a disgrace. I can only imagine the sheer discomfort and misery such a situation would create. My six days of no running water is hardly a comparison. People die of thirst every day and this is absolutely unacceptable, particularly in light of the fact that so much water is wasted around the world.


My eyes have been widened. If my apartment’s dry pipes have taught me anything it is indeed empathy but appreciation as well. Appreciation for all the other days when I would turn on my tap and water would flow. Days when I would not have to worry about going thirsty for an unknown length of time.


I truly feel sorry for those who deal with such water issues on a daily basis. If I could help them I certainly would. I know there are charities dedicated to providing reliable water supplies to those in need around the world, and I intend to assist. Every drop of water counts. I intend to do my part to help save a life.


The moral: Conserve your resources. Appreciate what you have. You never know when it will be gone.


Thanks for reading.


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