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Book cover reveal for Giselle Mills's novel Through It All

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Hi, guys! I’m back. I know it’s been a while but I have very good reasons!


If you follow me on my various social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) you may know that I’ve been quite busy preparing for my upcoming book launch. In my last blog post, I revealed the newly designed cover for my novel “Through It All”. You can find it here if you haven’t seen it already.

Through It All novel by Giselle Mills

Things became even more hectic when my marketing person quit on me suddenly leaving me completely in the lurch last month. I was disappointed of course, because I had been relying on her to help me promote my book. She had said she had connections that would help me get on to television and radio, connections which I lack. So I felt even more like a fish out of water when she left me with no warning.


On the bright side, I had been the one doing all of my promotions from the start anyway, and she really had not been much help. So by the time she left, I had already begun to get used to handling my marketing myself. But it was very tough as I am not naturally inclined to business nor am I a social butterfly, key attributes necessary to get ahead in the business world.


But every cloud supposedly has a silver lining right? Mine did. Although it has been very challenging to manage my own promotions, I have certainly learned a lot doing it all on my own. I have learned things and honed skills I would not have otherwise done had she not abandoned me. I’ve made contacts and forced myself out of my comfort zone to interact with key persons I would not have otherwise met. And I’m quite grateful for that. Actually, I’m proud of myself for reaching this far. Sometimes you have to pat yourself on your own back. And I am patting mine right now.


So self-publishing and self-promoting has been difficult but I know it will be rewarding in the end. I just have to stay focused on my goal and keep pushing despite the challenges.


In other news…


  • I survived 2 major earthquakes week before last, here in Trinidad. They were the strongest earthquakes I have ever felt. I think I will write more on them later.
  • I have decided to follow my dreams and do what I love. As in focus on my writing and launching my books. Life is short and unpredictable. I’m going to find happiness where I can and writing my books gives me that happiness. (I’m also hoping it gives me some money too but that goes without saying, right? A woman has to eat.)
  • I have also written and published a short guidebook for first-year law students, called “How to Survive Law School: Year 1 (a practical guide for the Caribbean law student)”. It is now available on and in the Book Specialists bookstore in Trinidad. You can find it on Amazon here. More on this in a later post.
  • My novel “Through It All” will be available worldwide on September 15th (2018) on Amazon and in local bookstores in Trinidad. I’m also having a launch event on the same day.


I have faced many obstacles and challenges along the way but I could not have overcome them all without my faith in God and the support of my family (and a few close friends). I am also very grateful for my loyal readers here on my blog and my support team who have been helping to share my posts on social media. Thank you guys!

What’s next:


As the launch date for my novel is quickly approaching, I will be focusing mainly on increasing my marketing and implementing new strategies. I also have to finalize plans for the event.


But I am trying not to overwhelm myself. One step at a time. Hope you guys had a great week!


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