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Why I Write

Why I write, my motivation for writing


For as long as I can remember I have loved to write. Stories in particular, are my favourite. I love being able to create characters and new places and make them my own. It’s exciting!


Writing fiction is my means of escape. For a few moments, I can escape from reality when I create my own world. It makes me happy and brings me peace. It’s a source of autonomy. No one can tell me what to write. Well, they can certainly try but I am not obligated to comply. I control what happens in my story. In my story, what I say goes. I rule.


For example, if I wanted to write a story about a penguin who eats spaghetti and dances salsa and merengue, I can do it. It may be far from reality (there may be dancing penguins, who knows?) but that is the essence of fiction. It is make-believe. And if it makes me happy, and I am not hurting anyone in the process, who’s to stop me? Nonsense can be fiction too. Just not very good fiction, and unfortunately there are many such published tales.


Cheers to freedom of expression.


My love for writing has its genesis in my childhood. From a very young age, my mother instilled within me the value of education and the importance of reading and writing. It was a lesson that I stuck to like glue.


My siblings and I did not have cable television growing up. This was long before the days of WiFi. Consequently, we had to find other means of entertainment when we were at home. When we weren’t playing with toys and board games, doing homework, watching Disney movies on VHS (remember those?), making up dramatic skits or chasing each other, we were found reading or writing. My mother would give us topics to write about and she would often write stories to entertain us herself. As an extremely effective and wonderful teacher, she has a gift for making learning enjoyable. I loved her stories the best.


One in particular comes to mind – she wrote about a group of three-dimensional shapes who had challenged each other to a downhill race. We had to figure out how the story would end before she finished it. Who would win the race? The triangular prism, the hexagonal prism, the rectangular prism, the cuboid or the sphere? In retrospect, it was a marvelous way to combine Mathematics, Science and Creative Writing all in one. My mother is brilliant if I do say so myself.


I loved to read as a child, and I still do. Reading and writing go hand in hand. Like bread and butter, and spaghetti and meatballs. They are perfectly complementary. I love to write because it comes naturally to me, as a result of my fondness for reading. Like any skill, much practice is needed for development and I fully intend to keep on practising.


And finally, I write for you.


I write to empower you, the reader. Many of you have inspired me to resume my writing. As you have inspired me, I wish to inspire you. I write to encourage you to pick up your pens and paper. Maybe you have a story to tell and just haven’t found the time or the motivation to write it. Well that time is now. Do it. I know you can.


The world would be a boring place without stories. Let’s foster imaginations and keep on writing!

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